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Winter is over…Bring on the heat!

We have finally made it through winter! It has been pretty wet and miserable to say the least but we can look forward to a great summer season.

We have been really busy over the last few months with a good variety of work. From general servicing and planned maintenance right through to new installations.

New AOP system installed at Trent Bray swim school Mt Eden

We have also teamed up with Amy from Amotto consultancy and Adrian from Dolphin Pacific to install the first AOP UV/ozone unit in New Zealand. Installed at the Trent Bray swim school, the bather loads have been on a constant increase over the last few years. The current filtration system had started to struggle with the increase loads which resulted in higher CAC (combined available chlorine) tests. This installation was tricky due to the confined area and room we had to work with. A little imagination and a few coffees to plan and we had the unit tucked in nicely. From a CAC of 1.5ppm at installation, in less than 12 hrs the results were down to 0.9. After 2 days results were down to 0.1 – 0.2ppm. These results were great and we were surprised at just how effective the system was.

With lower CAC levels, the water is better for the customers, better for the instructors as well as better for the accounts. Using less chemicals, less water and less on the power bill, this is a great investment to any system from commercial to large scale aquatic facilities.

Get in touch with us, amotto consultancy or Dolphin pacific to find out more about this great product.

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