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Commercial Water Solutions

Commercial Swimming Pools

Whether the pool is indoors or outdoors or a waterpark, Grossart Water Solutions is ready to dive in and provide clients with exceptional service for their water treatment needs. We offer a variety of services such as chemical dosing, sand filtration, and U.V. systems. Clients can depend on us to regulate and maintain safe chemical and microbiological levels in accordance with NZ Standard.

Pump Service and Maintenance

Grossart Water Solutions specialises in Circulation, Booster Pumps, and Chemical Dosing Pumps. We have relationships with all major pump brands throughout New Zealand, enabling us to provide superior and effective Pump Service and Maintenance to our clients.

Commercial Filtration

From the cafe to the office building to the supermarket, Grossart Water Solutions delivers top quality water treatment services to clients in need of Commercial Filtration. We can soften ‘hard’ water and filter municipally treated water to create optimal conditions for use in food & beverages and even salons. Our Commercial Filtration extends to resorts, hotels, motels, and apartments; providing water solutions our clients can rely on.

Providing sustainable solutions to the water and waste water industry