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Industrial Water Solutions

Municipal Water and Wastewater Treatments

Grossart Water Solutions is equipped to carry out Municipal Water Treatment through the filtering and purifying of source water, providing consumers with safe, potable tap water. We also perform Municipal Wastewater Treatment, sanitizing sewage and stormwater for its release back into the environment, keeping our lakes and oceans clean.

Trade Waste Water Treatment

In the manufacturing and agricultural sectors, wastewater is an unwanted by-product. Here at Grossart Water Solutions, we have a variety of technologies specialised in the purification of wastewater for its return to public waterways.

Water Treatment

Grossart Water Solutions specialises in in the removal of contaminants to purify water for a specific end-use. We service any industry or commercial business and employ an array of methods from filtration to chemical dosing.

Chemical Dosing Systems

Over the years, we’ve developed and implemented numerous Chemical Dosing Systems. By choosing Grossart Water Solutions, clients can rely on us to monitor and maintain their system while attaining balanced pH levels in their effluent according to NZ Standard.

CIP Systems

Grossart Water Solutions can save clients’ time and labour costs by installing a Cleaning-In-Place (CIP) system, cleaning pipe interiors more thoroughly than the manual method of disassembling piece by piece.

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