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New year! New look!

Well this was supposed to go out in January… and here we are in April already! Grossart water solutions has had a bit of a new look for 2017. With our goals and vision now as clear as water  (well, the water that is filtered by us! :P) we aim to have a massive year and a lot of fun along the way!

Our goals this year:

Get our brand awareness out there – its a big world out there and we will need to work hard to establish ourselves as not just a recognised company but also a trusted and preferred brand.

Council contracts – These are up for tender this year. Even though we are a new company, I see it as a great goal to be able to get some of the work in these contracts. With over 10 years working on the majority of these sites, we have a good history and understanding of operation as well as some of the quirks that each site tends to have.

Grow baby grow! We would love to be in a position to grow by the end of this year. The work load is picking up and hope to be looking at a new member to the team at the end of this year. Some key factors we look for are:

Honesty – Honestly can’t stress this point enough

Integrity – Stand up for what you believe in, doing whats best and going the extra mile

Passion – we believe to be the best, surround yourself with like minded people that help inspire and push your ability to the next level!

We have some exciting new and announcements coming soon so will be sure to keep this updated!

I’ll leave a great quote to end on

“Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.”
― Robert F. Kennedy

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