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Pulsar Feeders

Feeder Technology

In one simple process, using Pulsar® Briquettes, the feeder:

  • Chlorinates
  • Shock treats
  • Controls organics
  • Boosts hardness
  • Treats metals

​​​The new, highly-efficient design has many features to decrease maintenance and increase reliability.

Spray Technology

Provides consistent dosing – up to 2.0% AvCl on demand

How it Works

Pool water enters the Pulsar® Feeder via the Feed and Wash inlet ports. A PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) controls dual solenoids to distribute the inlet water for optimum feeder efficiency. The Feed spray manifold and hopper are designed to provide a consistent chlorine solution concentration. Gravity draws the chlorinated solution into the discharge tank. The solution is discharged into the pool recirculation system via a booster pump/venturi system that can be programmed to maximize energy efficiency. Wash water flow is programmable to match varying feed rate and water chemistry conditions. The flow is controlled by a dedicated solenoid that directs the wash water to nozzles with unique spray patterns designed to remove residue from the internal components of the feeder.

Easy-to-Use Touchscreen Control Panel

• PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) based
• Can be programmed for use without ORP control
• Built in Pulsar CRS™ System control logic
• Touchscreen interface for easy control of feeder operations
​• Includes alarm log, econ mode, and LSI calculation
• USB port for updating software

Efficient Design

• Improved carbon footprint
• Booster pump control option reduces energy consumption

Automated Cleaning Features

When the feed cycle is completed, the automatic wash-down nozzle cleans the inside of the feeder. The wash-down cycle:

• Is programmable using the Pulsar® Control Box
• Utilizes a second, dedicated solenoid
• Sprays and rinses both the spray shield and  manifold

Periodic maintenance is normal and recommended.
• Use Pulsar® Acid Cleaner for best results.
• Water chemistry plays a significant part in your maintenance routine.

​• All internal components easily accessible
• Common components across feeder line
• Removable solenoid assembly
• Quick disconnect fittings
• Supported by a nationwide network of Pulsar® Dealers

Technical Details

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